Water Booster Pump Servicing

Specialist engineering for cold water booster pumps in Essex

Cold Water Booster Pumps

Booster pumps play a vital role in environments such as blocks of flats and apartments, public buildings and offices, increasing water pressure to enable the transportation of water across several floors. When a booster pump fails, the results can be extremely disruptive for the occupants, with water pressure dropping and in some cases water supplies being cut off completely.

For onsite specialist maintenance, servicing and repair, at Nexgen Maintenance, we have a team of fully qualified and specialist engineers on hand to ensure your booster pumps are well maintained all year round.

Our Specialist Skills

  • Booster set service and breakdown
  • Pressurisation units
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pump system servicing
  • Mechanical Seal changes
  • Heating and chilled water pumps
  • Bearing changes
  • Inverters
  • All types of pipe work
Servicing valve on water booster pump

Recommended Booster Pump Service Frequency

We would recommend that you aim to have booster pumps serviced by a professional pump engineer annually. Preventative maintenance of your pumps through a regular pump service plan offers a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced risk of unexpected breakdown.
  • Increased efficiency of the pump.
  • Reduced noise and vibration from the pump.
  • Happier occupants and tenants.
  • Relatively smaller costs compared to having to replace whole unit.

What are the signs that your booster pump is in need of a service?

  • Excessive noise or vibration from the pump.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Rust or degradation within any component of the pump.
  • Leaking from pipework or pump unit.
  • A noticable increase in energy bills.

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